Why Woodesign
Why Woodesign?
  • In-house Auto Cad drawings, hand-laid veneering, finishing, delivery and installation, provided by a dedicated full-time team who work with your project from start to finish.
  • Flexibility in project coordination for any changes that might occur, and design help for unseen issues.
  • State-of the-art digital equipment, including an automotive-style downdraft spray booth for peerless buffed and polished finishes, and over 20 years experience to use the equipment and materials to their full benefit.
  • Over 30 years of engineering skills to solve complicated projects and installs.
  • The quality of each finished project is absolute, adhering to extraordinary standards.
  • Projects now are almost 100% “green”, including use of bamboo for drawers and NFA melamine core materials creating an “eco cabinet”
  • Our goal always is to exceed the expectations of the client.
  • The craftsman’s final signature on every completed Woodesign project is a mark of quality, symbolizing Woodesign’s dedication to their work.